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  1. Agreed. Most of the built-in templates I don't need. But I do need some custom ones. Would be great to add this functionality.
  2. What a nice idea, I'd love a CLI client for Mac too! The red text on red background idea is very cool too
  3. As I understand your problem, you're having hard time keeping track which entries have already been categorized into a folder and which haven't. In this case I'd do the following. The key to this approach is that an entry can only reside in one folder. So I'd first create some folder TEMP, put all entries there and then start moving them one by one to their actual dedicated folders. As you do that, you'll see they'll start disappearing from the TEMP folder. Hope this helps!
  4. Is this feature considered for the Mac version too? Currently, if I only have the menu icon visible, in order to open the Enpass main window I have to: 1. Click menu bar icon; the mini Enpass opens 2. Click on the tiny triangle button 3. Select "Show Enpass" in the small pop-up menu. While agree that quitting Enpass should be well hidden and not easy to click accidentally, "Show Enpass" should be a button next to the (much less frequently used) password generation and lock buttons in the mini Enpass window.
  5. Can anyone advise what the status of this feature is? Multi-line software licenses are a main concern, but it's useful for many other things, e.g. credit card addresses. Having this feature makes perfect sense to me, as it would simply replace the currently hard-coded "Notes" field with a generic multi-line text field that can be added zero or many times to an entry. This way an Enpass entry would only be an array of fields, without the currently "special-status" Notes field.
  6. Thanks, that's all I wanted -- a reassurance that this limitation will be removed! I'm switching from KeePass for the only reason that Enpass has better user interface and support. My KeePass database (stored as a single file) currently is around 11MB, most of which are of course attachments (many over 200KB). And I've never had issues syncing this file via Dropbox to my phone. But I agree - the approach of keeping everything obviously doesn't scale well. As My1 suggests, it may be a good idea to split the attachment database into smaller chunks. Though cloud syncing tools nowadays are smart and only upload the differences if possible (not the entire file). If the Enpass database doesn't change much when a new file is added/deleted, then it should be fine.
  7. I wouldn't be using Enpass if it was only a password manager. Is it really unreasonable to want to store as much personal data as possible at a single place? I'm just trying to argue that the attachment limit is completely arbitrary. The fact that this limit can be circumvented (adding a potentially huge inconvenience) only strengthens my argument. I'm not trying to abuse it, I completely understand the implications of having a huge single file vault whose entirety has to be copied around even when only a single character is changed. I understand that, I just want to have some freedom to make a choice, ok? In fact I have already reduced the size of the few scans I need to under 200kb. So that workd for me *for now*. But sometimes 200kb just isn't enough, please understand that. And I don't want to use VeraCrypt just because my PDF is a few hundred KB larger. Plus, I want to have access to my passport scans on my mobile phone!
  8. Thanks for trying to kill my argument... Where do you store the print-quality PDF with scans of your passport or of other personal documents? I don't want to store those unencrypted on a cloud drive. I want to store them where I keep everything else personal - in my Enpass vault. As I said, for most users the 200kb limit it reasonable. But please give us a way to remove this limit. Make this option very well hidden if you want.
  9. It's per file. And your suggestion only highlights the issue - the limit is arbitrary and can be circumvented (at the expense of manual work). So why not just have an option to remove it? Though I can totally see why you want to have such a limit by default - to protect users from themselves.
  10. I understand that everything is stored in one file, I had the same setup with KeePass. And I'm fine with this file being bounced around. As I suggested above, perhaps the user can be warned that large files can slow down syncing (and use more data). It's then the user's choice. Or, alternatively, put an "advanced" option somewhere in the settings to lift this limitation, again warning the user that doing so may impact syncing performance. P.S. Just noticed that I can attach files to this post, with max total size 19.53MB :)
  11. Do you have any update on this? It's important for me (and I guess many others too) whether we will be able to attach larger files in future. Seems like an artificial limitation.
  12. Thanks for the addition! I don't care that much about import (it's a one-time thing anyway), but this 200Kb limitation prevents me from attaching some PDFs of scanned documents. Are you planning to lift this limitation in the near future? Maybe you can warn the user whenever he/she tries to attach large files?
  13. Agreed. The app knows whether the database can be unlocked with TouchID, right? If so, then TouchID should obviously be the default unlocking option. I doubt anyone who has TouchID set up on their macOS account and Enpass would prefer to unlock their database by entering their password manually as a first choice.
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