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Error entering PIN

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I am attempting to add a PIN for Quick Unlock but I am receiving the word Error in red when I click the Done button. I have enabled the logs and retried but it states there is no content after I reproduce the error. Attached is a screenshot.

I am positive the two match as I clicked on the eye icon to see them.


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Very odd. I unsuccessfully tried to reproduce with Enpass 6.2.0 (537) on a Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (64-bit) install. Take a backup in Enpass, then maybe try this at a terminal?:

$ pkill -i enpass
$ sudo apt-get purge enpass
$ sudo apt-get install enpass

That would effectively reinstall Enpass.

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Thanks for the reply.  did a backup and I executed those commands. When I ran Enpass again it did not run  as a first run. It asked me for my master password. I was expecting with a purge that it would have erased the database. I'll attempt the commands again and will wipe the data folders in between. 


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