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I paid a one off fee in January 2018 but now I'm getting an error on my android phone that I have reached the limit that I can have. Has something changed all of a sudden? I seem to remember that the deal was desktop free including Android for the payment that I made.

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Thanks for your reply.

I decided to remove the app from my phone and reinstate it, but after installation I found that only about 17 of my 119 passwords have been downloaded from OneDrive.

I should mention that I renewed my laptop this week and installed Enpass on to it. Though this downloaded the 119 passwords and works correctly, I received a pop-up offering some enhancements which I wasn’t really interested in but accepted as it seemed like the only way to stop it from popping up. I then received a couple of emails, one with an activation code and the other thanking me for joining Enpass? I’m sorry but I’m really confused as to what is happening here all I want is for enpass to work on my phone.

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