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Import data from eWallet Go

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Hi @fisben,

Welcome to Enpass family!

I will definitely help you in importing your database from eWallet Go to Enpass. First, you need to export your data from eWallet Go by following these steps:

Log into eWallet Go --> Go to file --> Click on Save As Text File. 



Now you can import the same Text File into Enpass by following the steps mentioned here in the user manual.

Hope this helps!


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Hi @fisben 

I apologize for the inconvenience and misunderstanding!:(

Enpass supports importing the data from eWallet only. However, you can import eWallet GO data into Enpass by following these steps:

  1. Import eWallet GO data into eWallet as explained here.
  2.  Now export your data from eWallet by following these steps mention here:

I know it's a bit tedious, but it's the only way to import your database.

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Hi Anshu,

It still doesn't work.

I have successfully importet my eWalletGO data into the Desktop Version of eWallet.
Now I am able to export it with "save as" but only as an eWallet file (*.wlt) or as a text file (*.txt).
Neither file type can be importet into Enpass.

What can I do? Or what am I doing wrong?



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Hi Anshu,

Please ignore my previous post.
I finally managed to do the export in eWallet and to import the file to Enpass.

There's just one more question: some cards are duplicates with an error message: "The source card for this shortcut cannot be found."

Can I avoid this message?


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Hello, I have eWallet Go!.  I have not been successful in importing data through the eWalletGo!/eWallet sequence.  I used eWallet version for its export to .txt function.

On attempting to import, enPass only sees 3 columns from the .txt file generated by the export function of eWallet.  Each entry appears to be separated by blank lines.  I also encounter numerous "The source card for this shortcut cannot be found".  Furthermore, the fields appear to be line items instead of columns.  I am quite lost as to how to resolve this because as of now, I am looking at having to re-input all entries.

Thank you ahead for technical advices


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Start eWallet, select File->Import..., then click Next

Make sure the button next to "eWallet GO!" is selected and click Next

At this point the Importer should have found your file (.wltg) and you'll see it highlighted in the text box (see image below), so click Next

Continue using the wizard, and when prompted, save the new wallet wherever you like, typically in your My Documents folder — you can use whatever name you like for the new wallet  vidmate 2019  insta downloader

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