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Annoying modal box pushing to for email registration


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I've been using Enpass for almost 2 years now, and really enjoyed the app on my Mac and Android phone. But since the 6.3 release every time I open Enpass I am welcomed with annoying window to register Enpass with my email. Even after ignoring I see (although closeable) bottom bar pushing me to activate Enpass.

Rethorical question: Is Enpass going to start shadey user-data harvesting practices like their competitors are already doing?!

I only used this app because it was free and open and supported on a number of platforms, even if not polished enough like it's competitors. Now, I don't see any added value left using Enpass anymore. I understand the reasoning to monetize this app, but not in such intrusive to the end-user way. Please add an option to disable those modal startup messages and bottom bars on all platforms.

Otherwise I have no option other than to delete this app from every device I own and search for better, non-intrusive options.

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