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tags duplication issue frustrating,please test and fix basic issues before releasing an update.


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guys this is the main reason i decline to update. from now on as soon as i get one stable version of your app im never gonna update as I've to keep dealing with issues all the time that never get fixed. 


with your new update, you give us auto suggestions as i type under the tag column on desktop app. 

the issue is after I've typed a tag through suggestions and added the tag this way, the item gets duplicate tag. 


so if i have one tag named ABCD

and if i entered the tag thru suggestions on my item as described above, then abcd gets duplicated. 


so now i have 2 tags with abcd name instead of one. 

and the worst part about this i can even drag and drop the item into the tag like how folders work. it's so inconvenient and frustrating. 


also on android when i type into Tag area it does not auto suggest like desktop. what the hell? i have long tag name so do u expect me to remember the whole tag name and type it and save it and hope for it to be correct? 


this app is a failure. please fix these fundamental flaws first 

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