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Crashes after reinstall


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After updating to the new version of enpass for android, it crashed while i tried to register with my email adress. Because it happend all the time, even after a restart, i decided i would reinstall the app.

But after the reinstall, the app crashes/closes immediatly upon opening. I can not currently use enpass after this incident, even though I use it everyday. 

When is a new update coming? Any temporary solutions/workarounds?

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Hi @MatteoWallins

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please try opening Enpass when mobile internet is disabled and if issue persists, share your findings and device details to us on support@enpass.io.

After app crashes, please open the app and then there would be a dialogue pop-up on the screen. Write your name in the comment box and share the crash report with us.


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