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Enpass extension auto-fill causes log ins at Synchrony Bank web sites to hang


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A few months ago I started to have a problem when trying to log into any of the web sites for accounts associated with Synchrony Bank. I have several accounts with Synchrony Bank including Amazon and Lowes. When I went to go log in, Enpass would auto-fill the username/password and then proceed to log in. However the log in would just hang and never proceed to the next page. Clearing cache and cookies did not resolve the problem. Same issue happened with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge Dev. I finally found a workaround that if I used the respective browser's "private" mode I was able to log in. The only difference being that since extensions were not enabled in private mode, I had to copy and paste the username/password from Enpass to the Synchrony Bank web site.

Microsoft Edge Dev recently added a feature where you can enable extensions in their private mode so I went ahead and enabled the Enpass extension for private mode. After doing so and trying to log into a Synchrony Bank web site from a private session, I started to have the same issue where it would just hang on log in. I decided to disable the Enpass extension for private mode and tried to log into the Synchrony Bank web site again from a private session and it started to work again.

I then tested in normal (non-private) mode with the Enpass extension turned on but instead of letting Enpass auto-fill the username/password, I manually copyed the username/password from the Enpass app and then pasted in the credentials at the Synchrony Bank website. I confirmed that I was able to log in when manually copying/pasting the credentials and did not have the same hang issue as when trying to use the auto-fill feature.

It appears that there is some problem with the Enpass extension that when trying to use the auto-fill feature at Synchrony Bank websites, it causes the log on to hang. I am not sure if this is a problem with the Enpass extension or the Synchrony Bank websites.

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