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Autofilling credit card details

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I've moved from 1password which has a very polished solution, Enpass is close behind but not quite there.

I would like the extensions to work like 1password when a web page has credit card inputs for it to allow a stored credit card to be filled in. 

This doesn't work in Enpass from my testing.

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Hi @MikeR

Welcome to Enpass Family! We have been working hard to match our product's feature and quality to that of our user's expectations.

Enpass works well with autofilling of credit cards and logins. To autofill in credit card page, you have to manually click on the Enpass extension to autofill. For more details please have a look at user manual. If your problem still persists, please let me know on which website are you facing this problem so that we can investigate where the problem could be.

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I am just on the turn from 1Password to Enpass (Mac, iOS). Besides all things go well with Enpass I have the same Problem with credit card numbers. What I don't understand is the fact that there are two kategories: credit card numbers and logins. I don't see a possibility to enter a credit card number into a login!

So I am very interested in a solution of the Problem mentioned by @MikeR.

So long,



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