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Problem with Migration from Paid ios (family) to new subscription model

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A few years ago I was one of the early adopters using a paid Enpass app on my IOS Phone. I also shared this version with my familiy members.
Now Enpass has moved to a subscription model.
After lots of problems I finally have the Enpass system working again.
But unfortunately my family members are currently limited to 25 passwords on their device. 
I am trying to recover their account but unfortunately without success.

How can I get my working situation for my familiy back without having to pay again?



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Hi @Django,

Apologies for the trouble. 

If you have already purchased the Enpass app then kindly register your purchase (From Enpass settings) using an email id. Once registered, use the same email id across all your devices to unlock the Enpass pro version.

Please let us know in case you face any issues. 

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Hi Tahreem,

Thanks for your answer.
I indeed purchased the Enpass app for ios.
This procedure works for my own devices. But for my familiy devices I of course want to use different mail adresses.


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