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  1. Hi @hebusthib, This certainly makes for an addition in our catalogue of feature requests. We have noted this down and passed it on to the concerned team for further action. Thanks.
  2. Hello @RASTPB, This is not a bug. Whenever sync is setup, Enpass looks for the logged in account of OneDrive via the browser. Since you have already a logged in account in the browser, Enpass directly takes the authorization and uses the same account. Thus in this case, we had asked you to logout first and then try again. I hope this helps to clarify.
  3. Hello Enpassians, The issue has been resolved in the latest update. Please update the apps and let us know if the issue still persists. ☺
  4. Hi @policeshootout, We are working on this and we will update you once we have a response.
  5. Hello Enpassians, Thanks for the feedback. We have noted the same and have shared it with the concerned team. The feedback is appreciated.
  6. Hello @Bowjest, Could you please share the screenshots of the same issue via email at support@enpass.io so that we can investigate the problem and assist you further? Thanks.
  7. Hi @policeshootout, Thanks for the feedback. I have shared the same with the concerned team and they shall be working on this further.
  8. Hi @JFS, We have tested the same functionality and it seems everything is working as expected. Pressing the cmd+w command closes the windows but the Enpass app remains in the menu bar. Could you please try restarting the device and let us know if you face any issues?
  9. Hello @Schlaubi, The issue has already been reported. Our development team is working on this and it will hopefully be fixed in the future updates. The feedback is appreciated.
  10. Hi @NYResilient, I apologize that the issue is taking more time than expected. Can you please retry by installing the latest Enpass app and browser extension version. You can install it from here. If the issue persists, then we need some more details so that our QA team can investigate what could be the possible reason for this problem: Chrome and Firefox browser versions Windows version Are you using any antivirus or firewall? Is there any antivirus or security related browser extension installed in your browser?
  11. Hi @Matis, Thanks for the valuable feedback. It's been duly noted and shared with the development team for further consideration.
  12. Hello @Lukasaz1999, Sometimes a simple restart of the system troubleshoots the issue. In case if that doesn't help, try the following steps: Open app and click Menu bar > File > Backup > Save it. Reinstall the app. Create a new database and enable sync. Check and let me know if you still encounter any problem.
  13. Hello Enpassians, We have been getting sync with OneDrive business request from the last couple of years. But the APIs were not straightforward and hindered us from implementing it. Recently, there have been some changes to the API because of which things have been sorted out. Our dev team has already started working on it, and hopefully, it will be supported in the future updates. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Thanks!
  14. Hello @MkNight, Thanks a lot for the feedback. Enpass saves all the database locally on device and each person can use a separate Master password for the app. But if you enable cloud sync and synchronize the data then the app should have same password on each device. Else there will be sync error and the data will not be synchronized across the devices. Basically these features are supported in online or enterprise apps which we do not support at the moment.
  15. Hello @Stephan, Thanks for showing interest in Enpass. The auto-filling details via Identity will work differently. Like the login items, the identities aren't stored or showed by default for any webpage. We have a dedicated 'Identity' tab in the Enpass browser extension (see attached screenshot) which you will need to click to view and then double click the item to fill the details. I hope this clarifies!
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