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  1. @BeardedOldMan, We are unable to reproduce this issue at our end, could you please share a video of the same issue with me in direct message or email us at support@enpass.io so that we can check this further.
  2. @Natalie123, Glad to know that. Let us know in case you have any questions.
  3. @Danny, Glad to know that. Let us know in case you have any questions.
  4. @Danny, Please refer to the attached link to know how to import the CSV file in the Enpass app. https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/general/how-can-i-import-my-data-saved-in-the-excel-file-to-enpass/ If this doesn't help, please confirm from which application have you exported the CSV file from? Also, mention the details such as the Windows 10 version, Enpass version so that we can check this further.
  5. @Maik Pretzel, Thanks for the interest in Enpass. I have shared the same with the concerned team and they shall be getting back to you regarding this.
  6. @Natalie123, 1Password might have a different approach for storing the user data - could be online, because of which the syncing occurs even if the app doesn't start. But in the case of Enpass, the data is stored locally on the user's device. The cloud service is only used to sync the data. Since Enpass is an offline manager, this is a limitation here that you will always have to first unlock the app and then only the sync will start. This is one of the security features of Enpass that no other app or person can access the app data without the master password. However, please note, the sync usually takes less than 2 seconds time and thus you will be able to use the updated passwords within no time. In the below example, we have tried to make clearer why Enpass needs the app to be unlocked first to sync to the cloud. Suppose you are using two different devices(D1 and D2) and they are synced via cloud. You changed the master password for D1 and it got stored locally. Whenever a change is made in the Enpass, the syncing starts. Now on the device D2, whenever you open the app, it first checks for the local data. It will need the older master password to unlock the Enpass app since the app isn't synced. This is needed because of the security issue. Once unlocked, the syncing starts and thus you will now need the new master password to unlock the app.
  7. @trongtch, Could you please share some details such as the device name and version and also list the website URL or the app in which you encountered the issue so that we can check this further.
  8. @harrik, Could you please share the android version of your device.
  9. @PaulH49, If I've understood the problem correctly, I believe the issue exists but with the Firefox version and not Enpass. You can install the working version of the Firefox on the other device. I'd be happy to help if there's anything else.
  10. @matthew s, Please follow the below steps to know how to check the pawned passwords Open Enpass > Click on ‘View’ from the Enpass menu > Enable/Tick ‘Password audit’ given in the options > Now click on ‘Pwned’ given on the left sidebar and continue. Please refer to the user manual to know more about it. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.
  11. @harrik, Thanks for providing the details. We are checking this internally, please allow sometime.
  12. @Luis Sometimes a simple restart of the system troubleshoots the issue. In case if that doesn't help, try the following steps: Open app and click Menu bar > File > Backup > Save it. Reinstall the app. Restore the backup in the app. If this doesn't help, please confirm the security settings(whether pin or bio metrics are enabled) of your phone so that we can check this further.
  13. @JeffB, Thanks for the feedback. We're investigating the issue.
  14. @Lukasaz1999, Glad to know that. Let us know in case you have any questions.
  15. @JeffB, Thanks for the feedback. Could you please confirm where exactly are you facing the issue with the auto-fill(website URL or app) and also, please confirm which settings have you enabled for the auto-fill services to work. We are checking this internally. I will get back to you with an update soon.
  16. @peteyycz, Could you please confirm whether you are using the 32 bit or 64 bit system. Also, please confirm the Enpass version, the device and OS details so that we can check this further.
  17. Greetings @Sandzhaj and @MRDS, Glad to know that the issues have been resolved.
  18. @Natalie123, As per the current implementation, the Enpass app syncs whenever the app is opened. This will be true for both the Mac and the IOS device. Without the app being opened, the sync won't happen on any of your devices and thus the entries for the login would still show the older details. Let me know if this doesn't help.
  19. @ShobuPrime, Glad to know that the x86 version is working on your device. We are aware that the app needs battery enhancements and has performance issue in the x86 version. There are still some complications and resource constraints because of which we are unable to implement it as of now. We will have to see how these systems work and have to follow the industry in these cases. I have however shared the feedback with the concerned team for further consideration.
  20. @Brian, Apologies for this. Could you please confirm whether you tried to rename the sync file on Dropbox. Also, please check whether you may have exhausted the storage limit of your Dropbox account. To check the syncing feature of Enpass to Dropbox, please try creating a new dummy vault in one of your devices and then sync it to another Dropbox account. Then try connecting another device's new dummy vault to it and check whether the syncing option is working as expected. If this doesn't help, please share the following details so that we can investigate where the problem could be. On which devices and OS versions (mention a few) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version are you using on each device? Does the Date and Time setting set to automatic on all devices? Does the last synced time get updated on the sync page? Also, if possible, please share the screenshot of the error code 209992.
  21. @RainerH, Thanks for the response, we are checking this internally. I will let you know once I have an update.
  22. Hi @aristosv, We are working on this feature to implement this soon, however, we do not have an exact ETA for this feature. Anyways, we'll try to push it for an earlier release.
  23. Hi @harrik, Could you please try restarting the device once and then try again. If this doesn't help, please share the Device name OS version you are using Whether this is happening on any other device as well If the app is connected to the internet or not and how. We will require these details to test the issue at our end.
  24. @YGS, I have raised the request to the concerned team and they shall be working on this further. However, once we have enough user requests, it will surely be implemented.
  25. @RainerH, Please confirm the OS version you are using as we are checking this internally, please allow me sometime to get back to you.
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