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Merge multiple instances with sync

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About a year ago I switched from LastPass to Enpass. I have two users on my laptop (one for work, one for personal). So, both of my users started out with the same state.

I tried to sync them to the same cloud drive, but it just created two separate folders and kept their states different. To be honest, rather than solve the problem then and there, I got busy with work and let them go. So now I've added new accounts/passwords to each instance and they are different.

Is there a way to sync and merge them where it will add new info from both and put them in the same state? Maybe some password changes would need to be resolved manually, which is fine. I sort of want to do a git merge on these two branches.

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Hello @joepetrowski,

In the case of multiple vaults, each vault will need to be synchronized with a separate cloud account. Although, by different cloud, we mean different accounts, not services.

So if you wish that all the items be merged into one vault, then follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect sync from all the devices.
  2. Login in to your cloud account from a desktop browser. Please navigate to the Enpass files individually and save each file. 
  3. Once saved, remove all the Enpass folders or files from the cloud account. 
  4. Now enable sync on one device. Once connected, enable sync on another device with the same cloud account. The app on second device will ask you to either merge or replace data. Please select the merge option, and all the items will be merged and all your items synced to the app. 

In case, if there might be some duplicate items then you will have to delete them manually.

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