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Fingerprint support for Windows Desktop or Browser Support for UWP


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I am evaluating password managers and I REALLY like Enpass so far. I have a mixture of Android phone, Windows 10 phone, and Windows 10 desktop. However I have come across one problem. I want to start using a fingerprint reader so I don't have to type in my really long and complex Master password all the time. For this reason I was going to use the UWP version. However for browser extensions to work, you have to use the Desktop version, which has no fingerprint reader support. So I am at a dilemma. Use the UWP version for fingerprint reader support or use the Desktop version for browser support?

I found a few posts with similar asks but was wondering what the current status is. Is fingerprint support eventually coming for the Desktop version (maybe separate from Windows Hello using traditional APIs), or is browser support is eventually coming to UWP version (seems like last update was that there were some missing APIs there too).

Part of the reason I am seeking to use a fingerprint reader is because I plan to share the password file with my wife and have it available for her to use on her computer. However there is no way she is going to remember the Master password, so I need her to be able to still access it without having to remember the Master password.

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