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Autofill for Samsung Internet browser (Galaxy smartphones / Android)

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It looks like Autofill is not working when using the Samsung Internet browser which is the preinstalled and default internet browser on newer Galaxy smartphones (S7, S8,...). Because it has a lot of optimizations for Samsungs Galaxy phones it's the preferred browser on Samsung devices and much faster and less battery consuming than Chrome.

So it would be really great if you could give us autofill support for the Samsung Browser. Are there any plans? They even have some built in extension capabilities that allow third-party plugins to access the web page content (meant for adblockers and stuff like that..). Maybe Enpass could even integrate with that?

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Hi @tox1c90

Thanks for writing in.

Enpass autofill works only with those browsers which provide accessibility events. This technical limitation is preventing us from auto filling in other browsers (Samsung browser, in your case ). You can also manually fill the logins in Samsung browser using Enpass Keyboard. However, I forwarded your request to dev team so they can check how it can be done.


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