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I have four little requests


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Actually, I've some requests:

First, in the password verification feature, we have 3 options about the password age: 

  • 3 to 6 months
  • 6 to 12 months
  • 1 to 3 years

I would like add a fourth option : 3 to 6 years. I know that some password older that 3 years should be considered as insecure and should be changed. But I would like know how much of my passwords are older that 1 or 3 years. Because now it's a little hard to say if some of my password are really old or not.

Second, the dark theme should be modified a little. Personally, I don't really like the blue/black theme. The contrast is too big for me. A mix of gray/black for the content and maybe a different color for the actual blue bar by using the Windows setting in customization/colors.

Third, I would like a little indication (similar to element number in lateral bar) for know the password length because actually you need manually counting the characters number for know it. It'll help me to get know what password are short or long.

And finally, I want modify the default connection template by removing the fields about security/response question and phone number definitely. When I create a new template using the default one I found myself with 2 'by default'. Yes, I could change the name but it doesn't change the fact that this one is undeletable/editable. Can you add the option to edit or delete this default template?


This all for now. Thank.

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