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Windows App needs to run for Autofill?

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I am a new user and have just now installed Enpass.
If I close the Windows app Enpass I can't use the Autofill in Chrome.

So it seems the app needs to be open all the time?
If yes, is there a way to minimize it to the small icons instead of the task bar?

I am coming from 1Password and there is no need to start the 1Password app on Windows.
After start of Chrome an mini icon hidden in the task bar is shown.

Is something similar also possible with Enpass?



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Hi @chrisonline 

Welcome to Enpass family.

I would like to share that, in order to use Enpass Browser extension, the main app must be kept running in the background. The reason is that being an offline password manager, Enpass saves all your database locally on your device, not on any server. Whenever you visit a login page and click Enpass browser extension for auto-filling, then the extension securely connects with an Enpass app to fetch and auto-fill the details. For more details please have a look at our user manual link.

In this case, there is an option in Enpass settings to keep it running in the background by minimizing it to system tray. Also, you can set Enpass to autorun on system startup so that you don't have to manually start it every time the system starts.

Hope this helps!

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