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Android app refuses to sync with Dropbox

Stephan Bijzitter

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I have just started using Enpass, and this is how I got up and running:

  1. I downloaded and installed Enpass on my Macbook
  2. I logged out of Facebook, and then back in
  3. Enpass asked me to add it to the vault, and so I did
  4. I set up to synchronize with Dropbox, and verified that it indeed uploaded to Dropbox
  5. I downloaded and installed Enpass on my Android telephone
  6. The app contained Facebook's credentials, good!
  7. I logged into another website on my Macbook, and also added those credentials to the vault
  8. Looking at my Dropbox, the file had changed so it was uploaded correctly
  9. But my phone, even with manually syncing, still only displays my Facebook credentials.

Enpass looks like an awesome application, but without syncing it's quite useless to me. How can I resolve this?

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @Stephan Bijzitter

Welcome to the Enpass family.

We're glad that you like our app and sorry for the trouble you're going through.

For Quick Troubleshooting: Please disconnect sync from both of your devices and reconnect again. Make sure you are using same Dropbox account on both devices and date and time settings is set to automatic on both of the devices. 

If your problem still persist, please let us know the following so that we can help you better:

  • On which devices (along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on the devices?
  • Does the last synced and last attempted time get updated on the sync page?

Awaiting your response.

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  • 2 months later...

Downloaded desktop Enpass on Windows 10 desktop. Imported file, I see data. Set up sync to Dropbox. I see Dropbox\Apps\Enpass\sync_default.walletx 137kb.

Installed Enpass from Google Play on Galaxy S7. It says free version only handles 20 entries, that's useless, I bought Enpass Pro. Set up sync to Dropbox, allow access, phone says it synced, no error message but doesn't see any entries. Disconnect sync on both desktop and phone. Reconnect, same problem.

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no sync since some weeks.

sync is ok on all other devices (windows desktop, ios iPad + iPhone), except Android 7.0

dropbox (36.4.22) sync to samsung a5 (2016) with enpass-vers. 5.5.9

disconneted all devices and connected new - no change

trys sync always, but no sync will be done (though data has changed)

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  • 5 months later...

I am deeply disappointed with the buggy sync functionality.  Sync with Dropbox simply doesn't work.  As directed by the support team, I tried disabling the sync on all devices and re-enabling it. I have also deleted the  sync_default.walletx file in the Dropbox folder so it is recreated again.  Entries updated with my Android phone simply do not sync with my desktop and vice versa. This is a non-starter for me.  I escalated this issue with the support team and their suggestions were not helpful. Having to delete the file over and over again is not how software should work. Sadly, I am moving on to another application until such time as this basic functionality starts to work reliably. :/

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 8.0.0 )

Desktop: Windows 10 (installed from the Windows Store)

Desktop: Fedora Linux 24 (Portable version)

Enpass Trial version

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