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I am using Enpass across my desktop and my Android phone (I have a paid subsciption). I have just noticed that the 2 versions are registered to different e-mails but sync to the same cloud account. Not quite sure how this is possible but my question is- If I change the e-mail on my desktop version to the email registered on the "paid version" (phone) will my data still sync properly across both devices??


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Dear SWFD,

the sync of the vaults is independent from the licence. This are two complete different things. You have to enter your Email, if you install Enpass on a new device.

But the sync depends of the cloud solution you use for you vault: Dopbox, etc.

You could share a (extra) vault not only with your devices rather you could share it with friends and other people, if you want and need to. They don't need the same licence.

The sync in your case will stop, if you would change the iCloud / AppleID-Account on one of your devices.

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Hi...thank you both for helping to clarify. I think I get it now. So if I also wanted to share a vault (for example with a family member) we would basically need to create another cloud account and dedicate that to hosting the shared vault? Thanks

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