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Challenge security with more features


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Can Enpass add a similar feature to Lastpass' challenge security with more options?

I know that Enpass have a "password verification" feature but I found it lack some options. Per example:

- The possibility to search for password with less that xx characters. Per example, if password have less that 20 characters I consider it as weak.
- The possibility to search for password that don't have numbers or special characters. 
- The possibility to change the quantity of month (y month instead of x month) for the "old" criteria. I don't consider 1 month as old for a password and I don't change them each month neither.
- The possibility to know if a password is compromised. In other word, if the website been attacked recently.

The Lastpass' challenge security score is based on 6 criteria:

- Compromised password
- Weak password
- Old password
- Reused password
- Master password force
- Use of Multifactor authentifaction

I can understand that multifactor key is complicated to use with Enpass but for the first five criteria I think that Enpass can add more options to it. That could be interesting if can know our score for help us keep a good security hygiene.

My 2 cents as we said.

Thank you.

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hi @Ezekiel

Thanks for stopping by and suggesting these features. We always love to hear feature requests from our users to make Enpass better.:)  

Some of the above listed features are already in our roadmap and will be available in upcoming updates of Enpass and we'll also consider implementing those which aren't. 

Top of the day to you!


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