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Unable to start when resolution is 5120x1440


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Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS 5120x1440
cinnamon/bionic,now 4.2.4-1~bionic0 amd64
enpass/stable,now amd64

The program does start up to a resolution of 3840x1080.

Setting the native resolution to 5120x1440 just puts a CPU to 100% for about 2-3 minutes until the process gets killed by something. No window, no logs, no output.

Sometimes a huge white window appears (see attachment) that is unrecognizable and if I look at the task plane, a window titled "Enpass Crash Reporter" with an input field seems to be active somwhere out of bounds. Edit: Just tried to enter something and a HUGE cursor appeared in front of the screen. The white window seems to be the input field visible inside the task preview window, see second attachment.

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 19-48-51.png

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 19-52-27 - 2.png

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adding more details
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