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  1. Hi, no worries, here are the details: iOS 12.3.1 iPad Pro 11" MTXN2FD/A Version 6.1.0 (348) It happens when I try to autofill. I press "passwords" on the autcomplete bar of the software keyboard, Enpass opens up and presents the screenshot above. It works with face unlock and if pin is not activated. As soon as I activate and confirm the pin the Enpass autocomplete is blocked. Security settings attached.
  2. I'm using an iPad at home that is not protected by Face ID or anything else. I would like to use master password with PIN, but if I use those settings, every time I try to fill in passwords it presents me the Enpass unlock screen with no available or displayed input fields. I would expect a PIN or master password input field, but the upcoming overlay is just a blue bar with a white bar, see attached screenshot.
  3. Thats the most careless feature implementation after all those user stories mentioned here. Not to be harsh but thats just... not working out. Simple example: 1 vault for social media accounts, 1 for network access to servers. Same business Dropbox. You suggest that this would only work when I buy another 15/m account for myself to load both of them in this environment? I thought the generel idea was to have multiple vaults regardless of their location. I dont recall anyone here looking for a way to have one vault per cloud provider. Who would even use that right now? Multiple vaults != Shared vaults.
  4. Makes autofill useless on android right now. I have many entries that have a view-protected field for two properties: password (most times the first protected field) and recovery codes. As soon as I have two in one entry, Enpass always autofills all recovery codes into the password field of the app.
  5. Same here, currently evaluating all bigger solutions for a small team of 5. Enpass just isnt fit for this right now. The first and most simple criteria is to have a "open other / recent vault" option. Not there. I do not care about the "sharing" aspect, I know how to place files so the appropriate people have read/write access to it. 1Password is also not fit enough as the support on Windows an in parts on Android is just not on par with their main iOS solution. That just leaves Dashlane (4€/u/m), LastPass (4$/u/m) and KeePass (i seriously hate the data structure). At least an additional item to switch between different vaults would be a great beginning.
  6. Same here, multiple license keys are multiline text pasta. Same goes with secure notes that have hidden text (in case you are on a screenshare and so on).
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