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Access restricted and tricked into buying a subscription

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I have had fully paid version of the app for iOS and the Mac for some time, long before you introduced subscriptions.

The apps have been bugging me for weeks about registering, always at the most inconvenient time when I need a password now. Today the iOS app suddenly stopped showing most of my passwords, so preventing me from logging into services I needed to access. I went to the Mac app, that had not been crippled, and supplied an email address that it was bugging for, and confirmed it with the code supplied.

I then went back to the iOS app to try and get that working again. I entered the same email address, confirmed it with the new code, and - still most of the passwords were hidden.

The only option offered that seemed to offer a way out of this was 'Restore purchase'. I expected this to restore the rights I had already paid for, but I find it did not mean restore purchase at all - it has charged me a new subscription.

I want the subscription charge refunded, and a simple explanation of how I get these apps working fully again.

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