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As a test I've done the following:

  • Installed Enpass in a Virtual Box.
  • Synced a test vault with a remote WebDAV server.
  • Downloaded the synced files from the WebDAV server to my local computer.
  • Deleted the files from my WebDAV server.
  • Destroyed the Virtual Box along with Enpass and all such data.

One of the downloaded files is named "vault.enpassdbsync" and all the others end with ".enpassattach".

In an attempt to recover the test vault on my local computer I've done the following:

  • Created a new vault.
  • Named it "test".
  • Selected "Backup File".
  • Chose the file "vault.enpassdbsync".
  • Entered my password.

Enpass said, "Incorrect Password."

How do I restore vaults that were synced to a WebDAV server then downloaded locally?

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Hey @Chaslington

Welcome to the forum!

I would like to share that our team is already aware of the issue and I have created an improvement ticket for the same. Meanwhile, you can restore the Enpass database by creating a zip vault.enpasdbsync and all .enpassattach files and then use that zip while restoring the backup file in Enpass. 


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Hey @Chaslington

It might be that you're entering a different password than the one which was used to encrypt the data.

Please follow the below steps to restore the data using WebDAV sync:

  • Open the particular WebDAV folder URL in a browser and paste the vault.enpassdbsync file.
  • Now, open Enpass, and restore data from the same WebDAV URL. Enter the password and check if you're able to restore the data.

Let us know if you still face any difficulty.

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