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Does Enpass connect to AWS?


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While I don't have a definitive answer, I wanted to share my findings so far. It seems that Enpass does utilize cloud-based infrastructure, and it's not uncommon for applications to leverage services like Amazon AWS for various purposes, such as data storage, synchronization, or even hosting their backend infrastructure. However, I can't say for certain if this specific connection is intended or if it's an anomaly.
In my quest for more information, I came across some interesting resources related to AWS Certified Solutions Architect courses. These courses delve into the intricacies of AWS services, architecture, and best practices. They might provide valuable insights into how Enpass or other applications leverage AWS infrastructure.

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Hi @MasonHaley

Enpass is an offline password manager and saves your data locally on your device, and in any case, we do not take any of your personal data. But yes, Enpass does connect to the internet with the sole purpose of giving the best user experience. So if you have seen a network activity for Enpass, it could be due to many reasons. Please refer to this link for more information about it.

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So basically, Enpass doesn't directly link up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It's more about storing your passwords locally or on other cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, and Commander One.

But, if you want to, you can sync your Enpass stuff with AWS S3. Enpass gives you the choice to pick where you wanna stash your encrypted data, and the aws s3 file size limit is one of those options.

So, even though Enpass doesn't talk straight to AWS, you can still use AWS S3 to keep your passwords synced up across all your gadgets.

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