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Unbelievably silly bug in Enpass, copy button now generates new password !!!


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Just lost access to 2 websites and couldn't figure out why. It turns out when you let Enpass generate new password and want to copy this into the website form it generates new password instead of just copying it !!! I originally didn't spot it so once password was copied and it worked on the website I then hit "fill" and saved it. Of course I couldn't login any longer as Enpass generated new password when I pressed a copy button. Can this be fixed asap please as this could cause serious hassle to any user using Enpass

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OMG It's got even worse, "Fill" option is broken too. Even if you don't use the "copy" button and just want to "fill" whatever is generated it will still generate new password once you hit "fill" button. How is this possible to have been released ?


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