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How may I create a *printed* (text) version of my database?

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How may I create a *printed* (text) version of my database?

We just got a safe deposit box. In the event that one or both of us gets run over by a semi, it would be a nice to have a *printed* copy of all our online account information available, in our safe deposit box, for those who deal with the remnants. That way, they wouldn't have to figure out our devices, the enpass app (and how to use it) and passwords all around. Is there a way to make a simple text printed version? Or do I need to do that by hand?

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @fjpoblam

The current version of Enpass doesn't have the feature to print the data directly. However, you can export your data in TXT format using a desktop and print it. We are coming up with a new update (due next week) with better distinction between items in exported data, so please wait for couple of days to export in .txt file.

  • For exporting: Open Enpass--> File--> Export--> As TXT

NOTE: Saving database in a plain text file is highly insecure so make sure you delete the data after printing it out.

Hope this helps!

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Have a look at HazCod's "enpass-cli" project...

One of the changes I have added would allow you to dump the database in a friendly-ish format (with passwords included if you use the `--please_show_me_the_passwords` argument).

pass list -a --please_show_me_the_passwords \*

Will show you all of the entries in your wallet, with shown passwords.

usage: pass [-h] [-q] [-w WALLET] [-a] [--please_show_me_the_passwords] {get,list,copy,print} name

positional arguments:
  {get,list,copy,print}            Show entry, copy or print password
  name                             The entry name, use '*' to see all

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                       show this help message and exit
  -q, --quiet                      Supress Standard Output Notifications
  -w WALLET, --wallet WALLET       The Enpass wallet file
  -a, --alldata                    Displays all of the known data in of each card
  --please_show_me_the_passwords   Display passwords where present

It also, not quite coincidentally, works extremely well as a "sudolikeaboss" replacement...

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