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  1. When you see "Invalid TOTP Secret", go into Edit mode and go to the field. There you will probably see a line similar to the following: Here you have two choices: Edit the otpauth:// URI to put the issuer before the secret: Or delete everything except the secret itself: At this point your TOTP should start generating values. Apologies for using images, but it seems Enpass does not like users helping one another... :-P
  2. Enpass 6 on macOS seems to use the discrete graphics card by default, and will not allow the system to switch to the built-in card while the system is running on battery power. This kills batteries, and means that I have to kill Enpass when I'm not running on mains power. Enpass 6 Beta (6.0.0 187)
  3. Would it be possible to either release a command line client or enable command line access to the vault? Without it Enpass becomes a lot less useful for me.
  4. I would like to request that a menu-bar icon search remembers the last search item, possibly as an option. That way it will still be shown when I select the icon again.
  5. I use Enpass to manage passwords outside of web pages. I would like to request a "Quick Select" of passwords and OTPs from the menu-bar icon search, maybe via a right-click or a small icon in the result list.
  6. Have a look at HazCod's "enpass-cli" project... One of the changes I have added would allow you to dump the database in a friendly-ish format (with passwords included if you use the `--please_show_me_the_passwords` argument). pass list -a --please_show_me_the_passwords \* Will show you all of the entries in your wallet, with shown passwords. usage: pass [-h] [-q] [-w WALLET] [-a] [--please_show_me_the_passwords] {get,list,copy,print} name positional arguments: {get,list,copy,print} Show entry, copy or print password name The entry name, use '*' to see all optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -q, --quiet Supress Standard Output Notifications -w WALLET, --wallet WALLET The Enpass wallet file -a, --alldata Displays all of the known data in of each card --please_show_me_the_passwords Display passwords where present It also, not quite coincidentally, works extremely well as a "sudolikeaboss" replacement...
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