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Credit cards - will Enpass autofill ?

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With Amazon on my iPad - yes Enpass auto fills in, but first have to enter the master password for Enpass inorder for Enpass to fill in my username. Then same again for Amazon’s password.  On my android phone, it works perfectly! 

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Hey @sethm

Thanks for your patience.

As Amazon website login page has username and password field on different pages. That's the reason it can't be auto-filled with a single click. You have to first need to fill the username and then the password. However, our Dev team is looking into it how we can improve this behavior. Regarding Android, we have tested this in our lab and it also works in a similar way as Enpass auto-fill works for Amazon website on iPad Pro. It would be great if you share the small video of the Android auto-fill so that we can check again.

Thanks for the co-operation.

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