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I started not to long ago with windows initial-ver? Periodically generated enpass backup files, i

I then discovered the portable version(much desired).

In expectation I deleted windows initial-ver and proceeded to download/install portable version, which failed (missing dll). Resinstalling windows 2ndinstall-ver and trying various import of backup(?)files failed -- file extension requested is not as above, I tried various reinstalls and importing of above backup all failed

Q: how can install Enpass/windows with above backup file/information -- I have original master PW used in generating above file.

Q: How do I get to a portable version from windows version of my current status/assuming a recovery with above backup file?


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Hey @Karl M. Koch

Welcome to the forum!

Please take a backup of Enpass data in the same portable version(if you have any). Afterwards, delete the existing Enpass portable installation from your system. Once you remove the Enpass portable installation, download Enpass portable again using this link and restore the data using the backup file( 2020-05-30-1590872265-1_vault-23_items.enpassbackup ). Also, change the directory location for Enpass portable if the problem persists. Let me know if you have query.


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