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Authorize OneDrive account uses wrong Edge profile


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I needed to reinstall Enpass. When I try to run the App for the first time it asks me to sync the data. I select OneDrive. It successfully opens Edge but uses my personal account to try and sync. I need to sync with my corporate OneDrive but have not been able to figure out how to use the corporate Edge profile instead of the personal one. As a result I am not able to access any of my data.

how can i get it to authorize on my other edge profile account?

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I have the same Problem on an Android Handy.
Enpass sync with my Onedrive business Account and not with my private. I never User my OneDrive business Account on my Handy (Only, I sync my EMail).

I restored Enpass on my Handy with the saved Data on my Pc. It did not help.


I hope, you can help soon.


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