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CSV Import not seen in v6.4.3

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I'm a new user and I'm trying to import my website details from a csv file (formerly excel format) using the Enpass Logins format per instructions.

The same instructions say to select "Pre-formatted CSV" from the import options selections. However, this option does not show up in the list of import options.

Is there a work around for this ?  e.g., should I make my csv look like a LastPass csv or some other password manager csv format

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I'm replying to my own post as I discovered the issue myself.

My current display (Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro) screen settings "may" be hiding the scroll bar that reveal more import options or there are no scroll bars.

I discovered more options by accident because I have a touch screen and when I figured out I should try the touch screen to reveal more options, there they were.

I apologize for the false alarm.

I someone on this form decides to post a comment or reply, can you confirm that there are in fact scroll bars in that import options window?

I've ran across screen display issues in the past, but only for very old software. It would be sad if I had to change my display settings for just  one program.

Perhaps I don't if I can work around this issue with the touch screen.

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Hi @JJK,

Welcome to the forums!

The orientation could be a problem here. How do you use your device - Portrait or Landscape mode? Also, if you could share a screenshot of the import page; that'd be useful.



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