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E-Mail Audit & Password Strength Numerical Values


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Windows 10 1909 - Enpass PC Software 6.4.2 (669)

Firstly thank you for the desktop software, it really is excellent.

Operationally I find Enpass much easier to use than LastPass, but it does contain some features that would be a welcome addition to Enpass.

An e-mail audit, in addition to the password audit, could then warn of e-mail breaches, rather than needing to manually enter each address into haveibeenpwned.

Secondly a numeric value for the password strength indicator, would in addition to Average, Good, Excellent etc., provide a more meaningful comparison between passwords. Typically strength is shown as a percentage, but as your scale exceeds 100, if a percentage conversion wasn't practical, displaying the actual value would be still be helpful.

It could be shown as: Average 62 / Good 84 / Excellent 102 etc. The values could also permit you to derive an overall 'vault strength' score, displayed ideally as a percentage or if not possible, simply as Poor, Average, Good or Excellent. You could include duplicate and breached passwords as part of that total percentage calculation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks once again for Enpass.

Regards, Thoughts?

Edited by Thoughts?
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