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I just paid for and upgraded to the Pro version on my Moto G4 (Android, Nougat), and I am trying to "restore" (i.e. copy all the data from) the DB from my Mac.  I have used both the WiFi and "External Storage" options with the .walletx file I just created on the Mac; for Wifi the file is uploaded and for External I put the file in the "alerts" folder and can see it.  However, I have tried 5 or 6 times with both methods and I always get "Incorrect password or invalid file."  I have opened the file with Enpass on my Mac successfully, so the file is not corrupted and the password is correct (unless I have mistyped the password on my phone all dozen times ...).

I have cleared the data storage for Enpass, uninstalled it (both from Settings->Apps and from Play Store), and reinstalled the app, yet this has not helped.

Should I be using the .walletx file?  Is there a problem copying the file to the "alerts" folder on my phone (i.e. does it need to be somewhere special)?


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