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Add new item to the current repository


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In settings, there is an option to select which repository to use as the default one when adding new entries. The + button in the main window for adding a new entry displays a list of options, with the destination repository drop down list at the top, right? In 9 out of 10 cases I miss the drop down, intuitively thinking that the new entry will be added to the current repository, but I'm always wrong. Because of that, I always have to search for the newly added item, and move it manually to the repository I actually wanted it to be saved in.

Please consider a change in the logic:

  • when you are in the "all repositories" view, the drop down list should preselect the default repository for you (it already works this way),
  • when you are in a specific (single) repository view, the drop down list should preselect the current repository for you.

Thank you!

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