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Just a guy

More information about vault sync settings

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Hi I'd like to see more information about the vault synchronization settings. 

I have multiple O365 accounts (work/home/test) and I cannot tell if I have synchronized with the correct account.  I have had vaults in multiple O365 accounts and broken synchronization because I did not know and could not find out without disconnecting and reconnecting.  When the O365 credentials expire and need refreshing you are sent to a browser session, but if you have saved credentials or have SSO it can log you on without any input so this does not provide a way to know what environment you have just authenticated against.


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@Just a guy

We can understand that it is indeed hard to identify the particular OneDrive account with which you are syncing in Enpass. However, one workaround is to change the default browser on your system and then setup sync. This will ensure that you do not have saved OneDrive account credentials in the browser and can sync with the desired account credentials when redirected to the browser. 

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