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Autofilling like 1password or Lastpass

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Hello guys, 

First, thank you for your app, I used it every day. 
Your app have the better design than the others :-) Bravo bravo 

I just have a quick question and I don't find an answer on the forum or on the web. 

Can you tell me why we can't have the same feature like 1password or lastpass for the autofill ?  I mean : just a small button directly on the form. 

Please have a look on my attachements. 

Thank you very much :) 





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Hey @LeFleo

Welcome to the forum!

Currently, we don't have this option to auto-fill. However, we are listening to our users and will actively make changes to the app update based on the constructive feedback we have been receiving, so thank you for getting in touch. I shall pass your comments onto our development team.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion!

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Hello @Garima Singh

It's a very good news :-) I'm very happy to read that. 

Do you know when this feature will be launched ? Maybe on beta ? 

I ask you because, I love enpass, I'm an enpass premium user,  but this feature is very important to me. I'm trying 1Password for 14 days, and I don't know if I have to subscribe or not. 

Thank you so much


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