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guys when the heck are you going to fix the tags bug?


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it's already been a frickin while since i have been waiting for his. 

every single update and you didn't yet fix this damn taga bug. do u guys even test ur software before release? 


I make an item and after i make it, i go to the type tags section. so when i type it auto suggests existing tags. 

so yes i make a new item for example called "Item A" and  i type under, the type in the tags field and it auto suggests an existing tag for me and i select that. 

after do this, "Item A" is assigned to this tag. but instead of appearing under that tags section, it creates a duplicate of that tag and appears under it. 

u can see here in the attached screenshot below , that the existing tag was duplicated automatically twice after i added this same tag to new item. 

i just type in the tag field so it auto suggest the tag and i can select but yea it creates a duplicate of that tag too. annoying bug. 

can't even do basic stuff because of it. 


this issue does not exist if i first go directly under that tag and then create the item there. then the item remains there. 

but it i type into the tag field and get it suggested, then it creates duplicate tag. 


please fix or i will change my app


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