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Any way to disable having to put in the master password after app resets?

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It seems like if my Enpass on Android is idle for a few hours it asks for my master password instead of my PIN.  I haven't failed the PIN three times, although it's possible that the app has restarted in the background.  My master password is very long and laborious and the whole reason I have the PIN enabled is so I never have to enter it in.  Is there any way to disable having to enter it at all? 

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Hey @spinedoc777

Thanks for writing in.

Enpass requires the master password in the following scenarios even if the PIN is enabled:

  • when the app is closed manually.
  • device is rebooted.
  • when too many apps are active in the device background (in this case, OS automatically kills some apps to claim memory)

Also, you can use the Fingerprint/Bio-metrics from the Enpass Security settings to avoid using Enpass master password altogether. However, make sure you remember the master password. Let me know if you have any queries. Thanks!

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