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Phone Number Auto-Format


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When I enter a phone number I'd like it to be auto-formatted.

Currently I setup field type of Phone and type 8003334444, but it doesn't format to (800) 333-4444 let alone if I add an extension.

If I type a hyperlink in HTML I can add extensions, but extensions are relatively rare, so I think that could be an additional feature request if you can't find a solution in a reasonable amount of time.

<a href="tel:+441234567,88">+44-123-4567 ext. 88</a>

There are also fields where it auto-formats as you type. This would be ideal, but not necessary. It could auto-format after I finished typing.


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I'm new here and I just wanted to add that, if you're lookin' to auto-format phone numbers in your field, you could try using some HTML code to achieve that. For example, you can use the ""tel"" attribute to create a hyperlink with the phone number and extension, like this:
tel:+441234567,88+44-123-4567 ext. 88 As for auto-formatting while you type, that could be a cool feature but might be a bit trickier to implement. But hey, it's always worth putting in a feature request if you're keen on it! You can also check out this send and receive sms online free australia for more options.

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