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i am using enpass for some years, so i have a lot of entries. Some times i want to archive items that i do not use anymore, but i do not like to Delete (just in case...) I am ading (old) at the end from now, but will help to maintain my list clean being able to move to a different place were search do not look or where we can clearly can check just in case, but not afecting "acive" items.



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I would love to see this feature. For example I have some credit cards that I have cancelled and accounts that I have closed. I want to keep the information about these accounts for future reference in case I ever need the information again, but I don't want it to show up in my lists. An Archive folder where you can put these items would be nice. If you place it into  the Archive folder then it won't show in the main list and/or under categories. You would access these items by going to the Archive folder.

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