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  1. Lovish

    Support for samsung iris unlock

    I'm using note 9 on Android pie and iris scanner still doesn't work, many other apps support this including Google pay, Paytm ,credit and many many more
  2. it's been over 2 years samsung introduced iris unlock but still no word in enpass, maybe in enpass 6, pleaseeeee
  3. Lovish

    Samsung Gear watches support

    maybe support in enpass 6??
  4. Lovish

    Status Bar (Relevant Info)

    any update on this??
  5. Lovish

    Alphabetical scroll bar

    +1 may be in enpass 6?
  6. Lovish

    Status Bar (Relevant Info)

    I would love to see a detailed enriched notification option as when I open an app and enpass has an entry saved for that app, give an enriched notification (maybe hidden in notification tray) showing login id/ username and option to copy password and TOTP
  7. Lovish

    Printing Support

    its 2017 end at least roll this enpass 6 to beta testers, we are hearing about this major update 6 for over half year
  8. Lovish

    Function to add a new password

    future ???? 2020
  9. Also linking a credit card to a bank a/c
  10. Lovish

    Auto copy TOTP Password after Login

    ???? so when is this later version or version 6 is releasing???