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  1. Hi I've setup TOTP on a couple of accounts and it works fine on one machine and my phone, but on another phone it always says the code is wrong. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Rich
  2. Thanks for this, I didn't see your reply before. It is already possible, I use many other services that sync in with OneDrive for Business. I look forward to seeing this introduced in the future.
  3. I've also just noticed that I can't use a OneDrive for Business account, which comes with Office 365
  4. Thanks for replying. How do you do it? I’ve tried several times in the iOS app and it automatically tries to use the OneDrive account that my primary vault is synced with, without an option to try a different account etc.
  5. Could it be made possible to sync different vaults with different OneDrive accounts in a future release? I have my personal vault and wish to have a joint one to share with colleagues using a shared OneDrive login. Or, if there’s another way to do this without using another storage provider, I’d be interested to hear how. Thanks Rich
  6. RSW

    Character numbers

    Does it bother anyone else that the password character numbers start at zero?
  7. RSW

    New beta, old data

    Don’t worry, I took a chance and deleted all the old data, backed up from the first beta and restored it to the new beta.
  8. RSW

    New beta, old data

    Since the new beta is released, it seems to have my old data (V5). What’s the best way to get my data from the old beta back? I notice that the first beta expires soon.
  9. RSW

    App crashing on load

    So the only way I can resolve this is to delete the app, reinstall it and re-sync. It’s then fine until the next time i open it. Will there be be a new beta soon?
  10. RSW

    CSV export

    Hi Really loving the beta version, but I was wondering if the CSV export will in this version too? Rich
  11. RSW

    App crashing on load

    It just crashes on load, I see nothing other than the loading screen and then it disappears.
  12. RSW

    App crashing on load

    Hi Is anyone else anyone else experiencing app crashes on load? It works on one phone, but not another. Both handsets are iPhone XS and the syncing is via OneDrive. Aside from this, I’ve found the beta flawless. Rich
  13. RSW

    Slow on start up

    Slow on start up Recently on both my personal iPhone 6S and work iPhone 7, I've noticed a bug/delay with accessing the app. The app opens and appears blank, then after approximately 90-120 seconds, it asks me for my password/biometrics and then loads my data. It's a bit frustrating and I wondered if anyone else had noticed this? Thanks Rich
  14. Hi Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately after an hour or so of experimenting, I'm seeing mixed results. Sometimes it works and sometimes whilst Enpass is open on my iPhone, even if in the background, no other device can sync. But strangely, sometimes it does work. Rich
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