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Auto Fill or manual fill?

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I've learned that Enpass offers two types of autofill login

  • By pressing the [Ctrl] [/] key combination
  • By clicking the Enpass toolbar icon 

If a single corresponding accounts exist in the password vault, then the username and password will be automatically filled in.
If multiple accounts are in the vault, you can double click the selected account in a dropdown list.

I personally like the fact that Enpass does NOT automatically fillls the login form immediately the website is opened. Logging into a website with Enpass requires a deliberate action from me, which I regard as an extra layer of security. I'm also a user of LastPass and I find its fully automatied login too easy, particularly while it seldomly asks me for the main password.

I find the Ctrl-/ key combination very handy AND I very much like the automated [Enter] upon filling the username and password, which is not present with LastPass.

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