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Slow Search / Search lag


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Product: Enpass
Version: 5.6.2
System: Windows 10
Locale: en_US


What can I do to remove the lag? Maybe a registry hack or something else? My machine is pretty friggin' awesome, it's not on my end. Also, the lag appears sometimes in Edge / Chrome Browser too.

Whenever I search for something in Enpass, it has lag. It just doesn't make any sense. Notice the gif below, it's normally always even slower than that too!


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I uninstalled the Windows 10 version, and tried both Portable and classic Windows 7 version. The portable one was 50% slower, maybe more.. the Windows 7 5.6.0 is slightly faster, around 15%. The lag is a tad less noticeable but still there.

I reckon I'll stick with 5.6.0 - maybe I'll do some digging for changelogs and see what's been added / removed. It's very hard to find changelogs... did you know that?

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @webmaster

Thanks for the feedback. Actually, the response of the search depends upon the number of items you have in your keychain. So the bigger is your keychain, the slower is searching. Whenever you search for an item in Enpass, by default a deep search is performed to show the most relevant results.

We are currently working on the next major update with a new searching mechanism and we have already tested it for performance. However, in the mean time to speed up the things, you can change the search settings to Title Only (screenshot). Also, you can limit the search only to the selected category in the sidebar by disabling the Search Default to All Items in general settings.



Title only.png

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