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How does enpass associate an entry with an android app


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When you create an entry for a website, you can enter a URL of the website. When you are adding an android app, how do you add it?  Am I correct to assume that the app is most likely to be associate with the website, so assuming that there is a bank of Springfield app for example, it would be associated with the bank of springfield website.

However, I have notice that some apps like Bank of America do not appear to be associated with their website. IN fact, I am not even sure it has an associated URL at all. HOw do I link the app to the bank of America website. What if the app has no website at all?




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Hi @paulsiu,

Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us.

When you try to autofill in any app with the particular item, the "Autofill info" gets saved in the particular item. The "Autofill info" contains the package name and signature of the App, which you can save by following these steps:

  • Open the App to autofill--> Click on the Notification icon to autofill --> Unlock Enpass and search for the item in Enpass --> Tap on the item --> It will prompt you with the popup dialog box " Associate item with item name."

Hope this helps!

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