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Now I was using "Enpass Pro Lifetime", now I bought on same email "Enpass Premium Lifetime" but my Enpass app still showing only ProLifetime, not PremiumLifetime


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Hi, I bought few years back "Enpass Pro Lifetime", today I bought on same email address "Enpass Premium Lifetime".

Now I payed via PayPal, payment was ok, I received from PayPal and from you Enpass ThankYouEmail.

But when I open for example Android Enpass, so application still show me only "Enpass Pro Lifetime", and not "Enpass Premium Lifetime".

Can someone from Enpass Team help me, thank you.

// Thinking about new Enpass pricing - I know that many people what bought "Enpass Pro Lifetime" in history now crying that must payed again for "Enpass Premium Lifetime".
But I understand, that Enpass musted change pricing for their future, because people something cost, development, new features, etc.
When I calculate how much I paid in history for EnpassProLifetime and how many years the application has served me well, I was happy to support you again in this way.
I was happy to support the Enpass team in this way. I wish you all the best to 2021.

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