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Menu bar disappears when Enpass app closed (Mac Big Sur)


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Hi!    I love Enpass - thank you! - but I do have a question:

I upgraded to Mac Big Sur, and Enpass is working great except for one thing.  The Menu bar "mini app" disappears when I close the Enpass App, and it only reappears when I re-open the Enpass App on the Mac.

The browser extensions work great - I can access Enpass in the browsers with no problems.  But if I wish to access my Enpass data outside of the browsers (in email for example), I have to open the main Enpass App in the Dock (or from /Applications), then access the menu bar, etc.

I did not see a "Setting" in the preferences to turn this on or off, and this is the way it used to be under Catalina.  It's not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have back, if it's possible!  I like having it available in the menu bar any time I need it.... if it's possible.

Thanks for your help in advance; peace,  Michael

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Hi @D2L_Michael,

Thanks for sharing the details.

If you want to use the Enpass app anywhere in your system you can set the system-wide hotkey to launch Enpass from anywhere in the system. Hit the keyboard shortcut (hotkey) from within the same app you’re working on, and the Enpass Assistant will pop-up right there to give you quick access to your Enpass data. To set the hotkey follow the below steps:

  • Open Enpass --> General --> Set System-wide Hotkey.
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