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Bug: "Fill" button re-generates password on Linux


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On the Linux version of Enpass, when generating a new password, the "Fill" button re-generates the password when clicking it, before going back to the main view for that entry.

For example, I may be generating a password for an account with a particularly onerous maximum length requirement (which sadly seem to be the norm among many financial and insurance institutions) and wish to use a generation strategy that includes words. In this case I may need to roll through several generated password options until one appears that meets the length requirement I'm targeting. If I then press "fill" to populate the password field on the entry from the password generation pop-up, the password changes as if I had pressed the re-generate button (the looped arrow) button again, and the new password (which could be any length, and I didn't see) is populated into the password field instead of the password I was looking at when I clicked the "Fill" button. I've verified that this behavior is not present in the Windows Store version of Enpass I have installed on another computer.

Relevant information
OS: Pop!OS 20.10 (basically Ubuntu 20.10, installed via apt) 64-bit
Enpass version:

I'm happy to do troubleshooting or additional reproduction steps if necessary.

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@Pratyush Sharma looks like I had the package from the Ubuntu package repositories, which only had v6.4. I've switched to using your package repo and updated to v6.5.1. Aaaand... the problem is gone. Looks like you all fixed this in the latest version. Thanks for pointing out to me that there was a new version, and thanks to the team for fixing that issue in that update.

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