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Best way to cleanup import data?

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Hey all. Just switched from Lastpass, and so far I am really loving the speed and simplicity of Enpass! I imported all of my data, and didn't realize how "dirty" some of my lastpass URL's were. For example

instead of saving att.com or even myattdx22.att.com, the following "domain" was saved by lastpass:


Do you folks have any suggestions on how to clean this up? I was thinking of exporting from Enpass (I have already done a bunch of manual cleaning) and then running through some sort of regex domain cleaner...but then again, I tend to over-complicate things

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @Adam

Thanks for writing in.

You don't need to clean these up. Actually, password managers capture the URL of the website when the login page appears and these will work just fine.


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In Windows 10, I have Browser-> "Match URL hostname" checked

how come when I browse to https://bittrex.com/account/login in my browser

both of these logins show up?





These are separate logins, but I thought with Match URL Hostname checked, that explicitly only the first option would show up as an offered login?

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